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The stress of life can lead you, or your teen to face drug abuse, chronic physical ailments or pain, an absence of pleasure or relaxation in life, or it can affect your well being negatively. It may be helpful to meet with a therapist to discuss treatment for the manifested symptoms of stress and work through the issues causing it.


Cognitive behavioral therapy is often an effective form of therapy for stress, as the technique can help change negative thought patterns that develop as a result of stress, helping the person in treatment find new ways of thinking about stressful events that may not have such a negative effect.


When stress occurs as a result of another condition, or an event such as a loss, a divorce, or a life-altering medical diagnosis, therapy can help address these concerns and their other effects on a person’s life. When workplace or school issues lead to stress, for example, ways to deal with those issues can be explored with the help of a therapist. When stress develops as a result of a family or relationship issue, family therapy may help resolve the issue, leading to a reduction in the levels of stress experienced. If you, or your child or youth are experiencing stress that is starting to affect your life negatively contact us today! We are located in Toronto and have therapists and child and youth therapists that can help you get a handle on stress.

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