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Eating disorders are serious health conditions that can be both physically and emotionally destructive. People with eating disorders need to seek professional help. Early diagnosis and intervention may enhance recovery. Eating disorders can become chronic, debilitating, and even life-threatening conditions.


When you begin to notice that disordered eating habits are affecting your our your child’s life, happiness, and ability to concentrate, it is important that you talk to somebody about what you're going through. 


The most effective and long-lasting treatment for an eating disorder is some form of talk therapy or psychological counselling, coupled with careful attention to medical and nutritional needs.  Ideally, this treatment should be tailored to the individual and will vary according to both the severities of the disorder and the patient’s particular problems, needs, and strengths. If you suspect your child or youth is suffering from an eating disorder and are in the Toronto area contact us today to set up a consultation with our child and youth therapist.

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